Designing the educational and learning behaviour based on gaming principles, that’s what Ludodidactics is all about. Ludodidactics focus on the student’s motivation and enjoyment of playing and learning: the game is on!


Creativity is essential in improvising and composing but equally important in performing music. In mix, we put creativity in the limelight of interaction and authentic expressiveness!


With the mix insight into diversity, we want to help you become more aware of the differences between your students. Mix offers testimonies, exercises and reflection material to get to work with the power of diversity.

About mix

mix is an Erasmus+ project with an international partnership between Belgium (OVSG), the Netherlands (Cultuurconnectie) and Finland (Lapin musiikkiopisto). 

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Welcome to the mix Music Education Platform!  

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What can you find on the platform? We give you a brief overview.  

What? mix innovates!

By using mix Music Education Platform, you will discover new things. You will discover helpful things to take you further or to try out in your own class. We work with music education professionals, pedagogical specialists and community builders to create a place where you can find ideas, stories and practical advice. This is how we help you make a difference in your daily classroom practice.

How? mix is an e-learning platform

Mix presents these relevant topics for music education:

  • Ludodidactics
  • Creativity
  • Diversity

By creating a mix-account you can respond to the questions we present next to the articles. In this way, you indicate in what way the mix content is of personal interest to you. The bookmarks you set in this way can be found organised on your account. This allows you to compose a personal course, or better yet, to create a digital personalised library with music education as the main theme!

By fully personalising your account, you can customise the content of mix. We offer you the chance to map out your own evolution. This will give you an insight into your personal educational opportunities and ambitions. Now that is professionalisation made to measure!

We invite you to share your experiences and insights during your explorations.

Go for it!



Cultuurconnectie is the sector association for cultural education, art practice and community college work in the Netherlands. Cultuurconnectie brings together art centers, music schools, provincial support institutes for art & culture, and other employers that offer art education and facilitate art practice. For, with and on behalf of its members, Cultuurconnectie promotes their interests and negotiates employment conditions. Cultuurconnectie also collects, extracts, compiles, interprets and disseminates relevant information and knowledge from and to its members. Cultuurconnectie is a private non-profit organisation, financed by membership contribution fees of its members.

mix staff for Cultuurconnectie:

Jan Brands, managing director

“Cultuurconnectie and its partners are set on further developing and disseminating best practices of digital learning tools, both in terms of efficient use of resources and a more effective transfer of knowledge and cultural content. We are very proud to be part of the development of the mix-platform”


Jan-Willem Kluën MBA, projectmanager

“We are very excited to share some of the innovations in education that have been developing in the Netherlands. The unrelenting search for new ways to further the education of music (and the arts in general) have been a staple ingredient of the Dutch cultural scene. To have this included in this project, is a tremendous honour for us.”

Lapland Music Institute

The Lapland Music Institute (i.e. Lapin musiikkiopisto, LMO) was established in 1969 and is funded by the municipality of Rovaniemi. The LMO operates throughout the entire Lapland region, offering basic art education from the extensive syllabus of music and specialization studies in dance as an outsourced service. This syllabus contains an innovative and goal-oriented education programme, mostly aimed at  children and adolescents. It builds the necessary abilities for students to express themselves artistically and apply for vocational and higher education of their specific field of art.

The LMO currently employs 26 fulltime and 7 part-time music teachers, with a compact support staff of 2 and 1 manager, providing art education to approximately 740 students.

mix staff for LMI:

Maria Kluën, piano teacher

Photo: Valokuvaamo Kipinä

“As a piano teacher I am happy to take part in building this innovative web-tool that will hopefully bring joy and new insight to many music education professionals! For me keeping up with my teaching methods with the changing world is important — without forgetting about the traditional values that define classical music.”



Laura Raudaskoski, flute teacher

“I am constantly updating my knowledge and practical skills as both a teacher and a musician. While working as a flute teacher, flutist and an allround organizer in the field of classical music, I have been happy to be part of the team developing these tools for the MIX-platform.”


OVSG is the member organisation of cities and municipalities that organise education in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium). The organisation has an advisory service that provides pedagogical, legal and administrative support.

OVSG takes various initiatives to stimulate the quality of education and promote educational innovation. OVSG also offers an extensive package of training courses for school boards, directors and team members. Finally, OVSG also defends the interests of municipal education, for example during negotiations with the Flemish government.

mix staff for OVSG:

Hans Laureyn, Coördinator Part-time art education OVSG

Photo Hans Laureyn“In the learning process of part-time art education, artistic competences are purposefully developed to suit the student. Artistic development and technical mastery are central here and ensure that pupils are able to translate existing reality. In this way, they learn to challenge themselves and society and to push back frontiers…”



Els Mussels, Pedagogical Advisor Part-time art education OVSG

Photo Els Mussels“Searching for the appropriate approach that can elevate musical education to a total learning experience, that’s my personal drive. It resulted in Cecilia, a method for Musical and Cultural Education. To guide and accompany colleagues in their didactic quest, that is my perspective on the future.”

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