Improvisation cards 3 – performance

In the video you can enjoy an improvisation by two advanced students of the Pori Palmgren Conservatoire.

The improvisation cards are suitable for all instruments. Thanks to the cards students of different instruments can improvise together in a group and thus learn from each other. Every now and then when improvising with the cards musical gems are created! In such a situation it’s good to try and repeat the improvisation and record it for the student and thus have a nice memory to save for the future.


There is no right or wrong kind of improvisation and improvising with the cards doesn’t always bring the desired musical results for the teacher’s or the student’s ears. That’s something to discuss and laugh about and maybe to realize how many things we learned after all.

Creator of Improvisation cards and voice:

Karla Suvanto, Palmgren Conservatoire

Karla Suvanto is a Finnish pianist and pedagogue. She has studied at the Conservatory of Strasbourg aswell as at the Sibelius- Academy from where she received her Master’s degree in 2010. SInce 2013 Karla has a permanent position as a teacher in Palmgren Conservatory, Pori. She teaches also improvisation for classical musicians and is a creator of Improkortit © – learning game.