Who are the students with whom mix interacted?

Mix wants to contribute by exploring pedagogical insights, different perspectives in different contexts. Education is a long-standing house, music education even longer. Recent events have also been confronting in a way that also blended learning may offer new ways to deal with new situations. In any case, ours is an exciting scope that involves gender, a growing crosscultural musical mix, frictions that want us to have a view on freedom and social involvement, inviting us to compose and improvise, as if putting together a music piece…

Any talent search is embedded in its social context and will require an inclusive understanding and willingness to join into that mix!

Mix gives the student a central role and allows many students to have their say. By allowing pupils to give feedback on their experiences, we can also be open to the future.  Who are the students we talked to? Discover them here!

Mix talkes to students and former students in music education. We ask them about their experiences and their memories.

What do the students value? What memories do they cherish? What are they proud of? What would they themselves do differently?

The best way for a teacher to reflect is to listen carefully to the students and their learning experiences.

In this video, the students we talked to introduce themselves.