Beyond the cliché

For the majority, gender identity and gender are consistent. They are physically male or female and feel that way too. This is not the case for everyone. There are people whose gender identity only partially or not at all corresponds to their physical sex. The generic term we use for this is transgender. This group is larger than is generally thought.

When confronted with the fact that something deviates from what he or she experiences as completely natural and normal, people start looking for identification: am I really sure that I am a man or a woman? What does this gender role include, and do I really belong to it?

Whom do I identify with? Where do I feel good?

Considering how a teacher interprets gender roles is very important in order to guarantee the wellbeing of the students.

Do you know how to foster a good gender climate in your classroom?

Let’s find out!

By downloading this document, you can reflect on it yourself or with your colleagues.

Reflection on gender – How to foster a good gender climate