Designing the educational and learning behaviour based on gaming principles, that’s what Ludodidactics is all about. Ludodidactics focus on the student’s motivation and enjoyment of playing and learning: the game is on!


Creativity is essential in improvising and composing but equally important in performing music. In mix, we put creativity in the limelight of interaction and authentic expressiveness!


With the mix insight into diversity, we want to help you become more aware of the differences between your students. Mix offers testimonies, exercises and reflection material to get to work with the power of diversity.

On the one hand, mix zooms in on cultural diversity. This includes linguistic diversity, social diversity, differences in customs and traditions and gender diversity.
On the other hand, mix also zooms in on diversity based on capacities. Here we place diversity in talent, diversity in age and we zoom in on diversity related to special needs.

Mix will give you inspiration and insight to be able to connect to the learning needs of the students. At the same time, we will offer you a whole new world of exchanges, with the possibility to highlight your personal points of interest.


Diversity, everyone counts

Diversity: a vibrating challenge