How do developmental disorders affect music education?

Students with behavioural and developmental problems often have a hard time at school. And so do their teachers. What can you do to support these students in the classroom? Find out how developmental disabilities affect music education in the following section.

Autism (or ASD): a disorder relating to social interaction, communication, a deviant, rigid behaviour pattern and a serious lack of imagination and social reciprocity. These students find it difficult to participate in group learning and they need extra structure and an individual approach.

Asperger’s syndrome: A disorder in the same dimensions as autism, but with no dysfunction in language or cognitive development. These students can be very verbal and they usually have an exceptional memory. Perfect pitch is also common. These students do have notable problems integrating socially and following instructions. They frequently lack imagination and have limited fine motor skills.

PPD-NOS, also called atypical autism: characteristics of autism but not all characteristics are equally clearly present.

NLD (Non Verbal Learning Disorder) sometimes also called VSLD (visuospatial learning disability): a disorder in the processing of information, especially visual information. These students often have arithmetical problems and dyscalculia. Their sense of ratio is disturbed. They also tend to have problems with fine motor skills and coordination, as well as the sense of rhythm.

ADD: a disorder affecting attention functions with a high impact on automatisation and memorisation.

mThese students are easily distracted and absent-minded, they find it difficult to complete work free of (attentional) errors. The simpler the assignment, the more difficult it is for them to focus their attention.

ADHD: a disturbance concerning focus and concentration, accompanied by high impulsivity and hyperactivity or hypermobility. These students disturb the class activities and their

peers without being able to adequately consider the consequences or the comments. They have difficulties in regulating behaviour and impulses.


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How do learning disabilities affect music education?


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