Some cultural homework

No one wants you, as a teacher, to pore over the lives of your students. You may however, be surprised when it comes to whatever personal heritage that students bring with them to your music classroom. Their musical needs are all inclusive and may be encompassed by special needs. That is why a good understanding with those adults, parents or other, responsible for your students, is equally important.

It is just as much part of the job as being an actual music teacher.

Reflection & Introspection

  • How aware are you?
  • How much do you care about your image?
  • What about your own attitude, values and prejudices?
  • Maybe your expectations and those of your students will also need some time to adjust.

The importance of being different

Student backgrounds may differ a lot. That only makes being a teacher more complex.
She or he who dares to teach, should never cease to learn. That is quite a day in, day out challenge.

Reflection & Communicative skills

  • Are you perceived as readily communicative by all of your students?
  • Do you think it is important that all our students feel your appreciation?

Learning ability

Everyone has the ability to become a competent learner. But ability is not always triggered in the same way. How well do you know your students?


How do students reflect on their teachers? Do students think it is important that the teacher sets a good example? And what exactly do they think is important?

Listen to Rike, Walt and Adia with a testimony from their music class.