Evert Hoogendoorn

Evert Hoogendoorn is program manager Ludodidactics at the HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht (Netherlands). Evert is also a professor at the HKU, a game designer and a passionate advocate for the innovation of education through the application of gaming principles. The pioneering work on ludodidactics has garnered him and his colleague at the HKU, Willem-Jan Renger, international acclaim, leading to invitations from all over the world to introduce this innovative approach towards education. Evert is also a strategist and game designer at IJsfontein.

“Games are complex systems that drive the players behaviour. They are designed to motivate, stimulate curiosity and to learn from. Players of games are not afraid to make mistakes, but enjoy learning from making them. Players ask questions and then seek the answers. They try different strategies to find them and when they do, they start looking for more or better ones.”

For the MIX-project, Evert Hoogendoorn was also interviewed on his personal experiences, motivation and inspiration that have been propelling his innovative work in the field of education. He is one of the contributing experts on ludodidactics for the mix platform. Next to his substantive contributions to this platform, he was interviewed to share some of his personal thoughts on the subject and to tell about some personal experiences. During the interview Evert revisits some of the topics covered on this platform and touches upon some details and context that make this video one to watch.


00:00 – ludodidactics, early beginnings
01:04 – innovative power of ludodidactics
02:56 – stages of design and play
04:20 – ludodidactics in music education
05:44 – first-timers in ludodidactics
07:12 – international context
08:45 – final thoughts

Editorial note: because of restrictions and health safety measures during the coronapandemic this interview was conducted via videoconference (5th of July 2021).


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