Thijs Spook

Thijs Spook teaches ‘Future Learning’ at the faculty of Design for Change and Innovation of the HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht (Netherlands). In that capacity he teaches the principles of ludodidactics to future generations of teachers, both inside as well as outside the realm of the arts. Thijs studied music education at the HKU and graduated in 2013 (MA). He also studied social work and music therapy at the HKU for which he obtained his bachelors degree. He is currently also working as a music teacher at the Werkplaats in Bilthoven.

“Thijs has become so successful in designing learning processes for his students, that often he finds himself with too much spare time on his hands, as his students can carry on with their development without him needing to intervene or guide them. To keep things interesting and challenging for himself, at times he then designs himself back into the process!”

Willem-Jan Renger

Thijs Spook is one of the contributing experts on ludodidactics for the mix platform. Next to his substantive contributions to this platform, he was interviewed to share some of his personal thoughts on the subject and to tell about some personal experiences. During the interview Thijs revisits some of the topics covered on this platform and touches upon some details and context that make this video one to watch.

00:00 – starting out
01:20 – transformative development
02:36 – ludodidactics in music education
04:20 – hard versus soft mastery
05:31 – complicating simple things
07:32 – final thoughts…

Editorial note: because of restrictions and health safety measures during the coronapandemic this interview was conducted via videoconference (6th of July 2021).

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